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Seal seams and cracks

Through the frame, under the door, through the letterbox, through the meter cupboard: drafts can come from anywhere. It causes cold and unnecessary energy use. The solution is simple: seal all the seams and cracks in your house. Check and improve ventilation where necessary, otherwise moisture problems will arise.

##Cracks at windows, doors and the crawl hatch You cut draft tape made of flexible and self-adhesive material to size and stick it in the frame or the edge where the window or crawl shutter falls.

Sealant & foam

Sealant and foam are liquid. Once applied, it must harden before it can be painted over. Sealant: use a sealant gun and a suitable product. Also check old sealant edges. Foam is useful for hard-to-reach places and comes in a spray can.

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Saves 100 to 200 euros per year.

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Wall insulation

Wall insulation

Roof-insulation Sloping roof

Roof-insulation Sloping roof

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