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Why smart generation?

We focus on locally generated sustainable energy. In this way we limit CO₂ emissions and global warming. Moreover, the demand for electricity is increasing because we are moving away from natural gas. Think of heat pumps, electric cars and cooking with electricity.


By generating energy with renewable sources. Sources that never run out and do not harm the environment. Consider sources such as the sun, tides and ground heat.

Solarpark Ameland

- kWh
- kWh
Data solarpark
5.980,00 kWp

The solar park at the airport generates enough solar energy on an annual basis for the electricity consumption of all 1,700 households on the island. That is a good start! However, more sustainable energy is needed to contribute to meet the total island’s energy demand.

We are investigating other sustainable generation options for this, such as deep and shallow geothermal energy and ways to convert biomass to energy. There will also be a second solar park at the Ballummerbocht.



Do it yourself

LED lighting

LED lighting

Induction cooking

Induction cooking

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does Ameland want to be at the forefront for 15 years?
The sooner we make the transition to natural gas-free, the more government resources will be available. The government is already thinking along quite a bit. As a leader, we benefit from this. A disadvantage is that you have to figure out more yourself. By figuring it out yourself, you also have concrete answers for the Ameland area with all its special features.
How do we want to generate smart energy together?
Smart energy generation can be done in various ways, such as using wind, sun, hydropower or air and ground heat. Examples of this on Ameland are the existing solar park, the new solar park and the TidalKite.
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