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Together towards the energy of the future.
Ameland wants to be a leader in the energy transition and switch completely to renewable energy by 2035.

To achieve this goal, we focus on smart saving, generating, storing and heating! By connecting these smartly, we are working on a future-proof fossil-free energy system. Watch the animation to see how and why we are switching to renewable energy.

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Only together can we achieve this. Through projects at and with residents, entrepreneurs and through large projects for the entire island.

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And by together we really mean together. It affects everyone. That is why we inform and involve residents, entrepreneurs, owners of private holiday homes and many other parties. This is how we arrive at solutions that suit Ameland. Reliable and affordable.


We save smartly by using less energy. You can do this at home, but we also do this on a large scale.

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We heat smartly by investigating together what the best way is for Ameland to provide everyone with renewable heating. The four options below are currently being investigated. View the animations immediately or read more first.

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High temperature heating network Hydrogen in gas pipeline Electrification with heat pump - individual Electrification with heat pump - collective

We generate smart energy by obtaining energy from sustainable sources, such as the sun, ground heat and tidal currents.

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We store smartly by storing energy that we do not use immediately. When there is a demand for the energy, we can use it again.

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Sustainable Amelanders

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Do it yourself

Seal seams and cracks

Seal seams and cracks

Insulate, ventilate and moisture

Insulate, ventilate and moisture

LED lighting

LED lighting

Water saving shower head

Water saving shower head

Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I do about my high energy bill?
An open door: use as little energy as possible. And indeed, it is not that simple. But through simple (and often cheap) energy-saving measures (simple insulation, taking shorter showers, turning off equipment you are not using, choosing economical electrical appliances) you can try to reduce your energy costs in the short term. In the longer term, you can think about further insulation of your house, solar panels and solar collectors. You can seek advice for this from the Duurzaam Bouwloket, from your installer or from the municipality via Erwin de Boer.
When are we really going to get rid of natural gas?
The national government has determined that the Netherlands must be able to do without natural gas by 2050. For Ameland that date is 2035.
Is it wise to get a heat pump now?
That cannot be said with certainty. If you have a (very) well insulated house with underfloor heating and suitable radiators, then choosing a heat pump is certainly not unwise. If your house is not automatically suitable, it is wise to first tackle the insulation further. In the meantime, more is known about the feasibility of heating networks and green gas or hydrogen, the alternatives to a heat pump.
Will there be a heating network on Ameland?
Unfortunately, that cannot be said yet. A heating network could be interesting, but we do not yet know whether it is feasible on Ameland. The municipality is now having the advantages and disadvantages of heating networks thoroughly investigated. Afterwards, it will be discussed in detail with the Amelanders.
My boiler needs to be replaced. What now?
Ask an installer for advice. If your boiler cannot be repaired, you can choose between a new (gas-fired) boiler, a hybrid heat pump or an all-electric heat pump. What makes the most sense depends on your situation. If your home is (very) well insulated and has underfloor heating and suitable radiators, then an all-electric heat pump might be interesting. If your home is not yet optimally insulated, a hybrid heat pump is the more obvious choice. If you want to wait until you know more about the heating options in your area, investigate whether you can rent or lease a new boiler.
Where can I find more information?
You can find a lot of information about making your home or business more sustainable at Duurzaam Bouwloket. You will also find reliable information and good ideas on the MilieuCentraal site. Do you live on Ameland and do you have specific technical questions? You can send this by email to Erwin de Boer of the municipality of Ameland.
What does Sustainable Ameland mean?
Sustainable Ameland is a partnership of governments, companies and institutions that support Ameland in making the island more sustainable in any form.
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