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Making recreational homes more sustainable

Ameland has approximately 1,600 permanently inhabited homes and 2,200 recreational homes. The municipality of Ameland is responsible for making the buildings on the island more sustainable under the Dutch Climate Agreement.

Talking together

National subsidy schemes for making homes more sustainable do not yet apply to recreational homes. The municipality of Ameland would like to get in touch with as many private owners as possible. By talking together, we get a better idea of the questions and ideas that exist.

Collaboration with other municipalities

Together with other municipalities that face a similar challenge, the municipality of Ameland is investigating the possibilities of including the sustainability of these homes in the energy transition and anticipating the climate agreement by 15 years.


Are you the owner of a private holiday home on Ameland? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know your questions and ideas about making your holiday home more sustainable. This can be done by e-mail via, by telephone 0519 555 555 or by appointment in person.

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Roof insulation Flat roof

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Seal seams and cracks

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